What’s SSO great about single sign-on?

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For every problem technology solves, it introduces a new one. Case in point, we have all of these wonderful apps to help us be productive, but managing authentication for so many apps causes headaches.

I’m sure you’ve all experienced the profound feeling of dread that arises when you’re at a site and they (innocently? sadistically?) prompt you to create a new account, and you’re forced to come up with yet another unique, memorable, and unguessable password on the fly.

But, there are solutions to this problem! One popular option many businesses use is single sign-on (or SSO), which allows employees to access multiple apps after authenticating just once.

Replicon offers a couple of popular SSO options:

  • System-level authentication with SAML
    SAML stands for Security Assertion Markup Language (don’t worry, there won’t be a quiz). It involves enrolling with an identity provider that verifies the user’s identity when they attempt to access an app.

    With SAML, the user typically only enters their credentials to log in to their system, and is then able to access a host of other apps under that umbrella without having to log in to each. We support SAML 1.1 and 2.0 – with 2.0, you supply your own identity provider.

    Refer to Using SAML for single sign-on for more information.
  • Authentication using a third-party tool with OpenID Connect
    Another option, perhaps simpler to set up, is authentication via a third-party tool. Say employees in your organization use Salesforce frequently, or always have ADP open. Then why not base Replicon authentication on that other app?

    Once an employee has logged in to Salesforce or ADP or whichever app you choose, they can automatically access Replicon without having to log in. The only catch is that the third-party application must be supported by the OpenID Connect standard.

    Refer to Setting up single sign-on for more details.
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