What is a configurable timesheet?

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If you read the release notes, you’ll know I mention ‘configurable’ timesheets quite a lot. But, you may not know exactly what that term means, even if you’re using that type of timesheet.

So, today I will demystify.

Configurable timesheets are the ones available if you use our ‘new product suite’ (or, informally, gen4), which includes products like TimeAttend Plus and Workforce Management. This is in contrast to our ‘legacy product suite’ (informally, gen3) that includes TimeAttend and other products.

Configurable timesheets are sometimes referred to as ‘widget’ timesheets or ‘gen4’ timesheets.

'Configurable' is not a time entry format – configurable timesheets come in different formats, just like legacy timesheets. The configurable time entry formats are:

  • In/Out Times - users enter their start and end times for shifts and breaks

  • In/Out Times + Allocation - users assign in and out segments to projects or activities

  • Time Distribution Grid - users enter time durations

  • Time Punches - users tap or click to punch when they start and stop working

What makes configurable timesheets unique is that you can mix and match components, including time entry formats.

So, for example, you could create a mixed Punch + Time Distribution Grid timesheet, and also include the Payroll Summary component. This configuration allows users punch in and out to record time, then later allocate their hours to projects and activities (or to pay categories) using the grid.

Configurable timesheets also offer a few other advanced features, including:

  • Compatibility with pay rules, from our library of global labor compliance rules

  • Many more timesheet validation rules

  • More control over validation warning and error settings

  • Ability to track hours against billable hours targets set for the timesheet period

  • Ability to view your schedule within your timesheet

  • More custom fields and display options

  • More copy data options

You can choose to include or exclude any of these options from timesheet templates, according to your requirements.
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