Validating punch locations with geofencing

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Employees can use our Replicon mobile app to punch in and out when they start and end work. This lets them record accurate work times from any location, and can be especially useful for those who work in the field, with no easy access to a computer (think, construction workers).

But, with all that freedom, it would be pretty easy for an individual to game the system – say they’re running late one day, and decide to punch in while en route to work, or even before they’ve left home. That sort of time theft could cost you a lot, especially if it becomes a habit.

So, how can you confirm employees are at their worksite when they punch in?

Currently with Replicon, you can track the location of a punch. However, it’s not very practical to check the location of each punch manually.

But, as the old saying goes, a picture paints a thousand punch locations (or something like that). So, Replicon will soon offer a map view of punches that will let supervisors see, at a glance, where employees were when they created each punch.

Even better, we’re adding the ability to create punch geofences – virtual fences around the valid punch area (i.e. a job site), that you can assign to each employee, along with geofence validation rules.

Then, Replicon will flag punches that fall outside of assigned fence. Validation errors will display on the map, on punch view pages, and in timesheets.

This location intelligence, combined with our existing photo audit trail, provides a complete picture of whether employees are where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Note that Replicon will also be able to flag punches without a location, so you’ll be alerted if an employee turns off location tracking on their device.

These upcoming changes are part of our plan to help you easily manage deskless workers – stay tuned for more.
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