Upcoming product changes - Nov 21, 2018

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We’re working on the following changes, which should be available within the next few weeks. We'll notify you via the release notes once these changes are live.

Updating time off when schedules change

We’ll soon be improving how we handle time off calculations when you update employee office and shift schedules.

Currently, if you change a user’s schedule, time off calculations related to their existing bookings typically don’t change.

For example:

  • Say you track vacation time off in hours, and an employee is scheduled to work 8 hours on a given day
  • The user then books vacation that day using the Half Day option, resulting in a 4 hour booking
  • This 4 hours is automatically subtracted from their vacation balance, and entered on the timesheet the booking falls within
  • But, later you update their schedule so they’ll work 6 hours that day instead of 8
  • You then have to reopen the booking they made manually to correct the booking’s duration to 3 hours

Soon, we’ll be changing the system so that bookings, and their associated time off balances and timesheets, will automatically update if a schedule change impacts that booking.

If an automatic change is made, a comment highlighting the change will be added to the Approval History of affected bookings or timesheets

These types of bookings will be affected:

  • Relative duration bookings (1⁄4 Day, 1⁄2 Day, Full Day, etc) for time off types recorded in hours – bookings and timesheets will automatically reopen and update

    Note that neither the booking nor its timesheet will reopen if the booking has a specific number of hours entered (e.g. 5 hours), since neither is impacted by schedule changes.

  • Bookings for time off types recorded in days – timesheets will automatically reopen and update, but bookings won't, since the number of time off days tracked doesn’t change

You will be given two new global options (on the Time Off Settings page) that determine how approvals are handled for the reopened items.

This feature will be available in new time off only.

New timesheet interface in Replicon Mobile

We’ve been hinting at improvements to our mobile interface for a while now. These improvements primarily involve configurable, Time Distribution Grid timesheets – In/Out users and those using legacy timesheets will see no changes.

If you use a Time Distribution Grid timesheet, you’ll see these key improvements:

  • A new, quicker time entry experience, including an option to enter time across multiple days at once
  • The ability to search clients, projects, and tasks at once, which is helpful, for example, if you know the name of the task, but not the client or project
  • The option to copy data from your previous timesheet or from your schedule

Other improvements include:

  • Direct access to your timesheet, without having to select it from a list first
  • Entries are automatically saved whenever you navigate away
  • A consistent UI when accessing time off from the timesheet and from the time off section
  • Timesheet components display in the order configured in the template
In addition, if you’re using a Time Distribution Grid or Time Punches timesheet, the following timesheet components will be supported:
  • Daily Fields
  • Timesheet Fields
  • Time Off In Lieu
  • Allocation categories
Note: With this new interface, Android users will lose the ability to enter time while offline; this option was never supported for the iOS version.
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