Upcoming product changes - Jun 6 2017

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We’re working on the following changes, which should be available within the next 2 to 4 weeks. We'll notify you via the release notes once these changes are live.

Pay rates will be moving

We’re developing a new feature involving pay rates. As part of this feature, we’ll be changing where pay rates display for all customers; the Hourly Payroll Rate field will be moved from the main tab of user profiles to the Payroll tab, and will be renamed Pay Rates. Plus, the type of field used will be changing.

Approvers without reopen permission won’t be able to reopen approved timesheets

Currently, if you can edit configurable timesheets while approving, you can also reopen and edit timesheets after they’re approved. In a couple of weeks, we’ll be changing this behavior; Edit permission will no longer give approvers the ability to reopen approved timesheets. Only supervisors and managers with explicit reopen permission will be able to reopen approved timesheets.

Refinements to what timesheets are included on the Team tab

We’ll be making some small adjustments to which timesheets display on the Team > Timesheets tab, so that this list matches the intended design.

After this change:

  • Timesheets you as an approver edited, then saved, that were consequently automatically approved by the system will display in the list. This is because your approval was implied, even though you weren’t recorded as the approver.
In addition, the following types of timesheets will no longer display in the list:

  • Timesheets you force approve that weren’t awaiting your approval
  • Timesheets for which you are a future approver, but which are not yet waiting for your approval
Note that all timesheets that appeared in the timesheet list prior to this change will continue to appear there after the change. And, supervisors will continue to see their team’s timesheets in any state.
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