Upcoming product changes - Jan 16, 2020

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We’re working on the following changes, which should be available soon. We'll notify you via the release notes once these changes are live.

Limits to project approvers' access to timesheet data in reports 

Currently, in timesheet reports, project managers can see all data for any timesheet they approve, rather than just data for the projects they manage.

For example, if you manage Project A only, you won’t see project B when approving a timesheet that includes Project A. But, you’ll still see Project B in timesheet reports.


To address this, project approvers will soon no longer see time entries for projects they don’t manage when they view applicable timesheet reports, which are ones based on these templates:

  • Time Entry Details

  • Timesheet Day

  • Timesheet In/Out

  • Project Time Allocation


  • After the change, project managers will start seeing projects of any approval status, even unsubmitted ones

  • This change applies to client representatives, although we don’t recommend giving them report access

  • The Timesheet Period template will remain unchanged, since it doesn’t show time entry details, only summaries

In addition, approvers will no longer see timesheets they approve in audit trail reports, unless they also happen to supervise the timesheet's owner. Affected reports are based on the following templates: 

  • Timesheet Audit Trail

  • Timesheet Correction

Ability to copy timesheet rows

When completing their timesheets, users often need to duplicate some of the settings across rows. For example, two rows may use the same project, task, and custom field settings, but differ in the billing option that applies to each.

Currently, you can’t copy an existing row in a timesheet, but instead you have to add a new row and reselect those duplicate options. This can make completing a timesheet frustrating.

So, by popular demand, we’re adding a copy row feature to all web app timesheets. Just select Duplicate Row for an existing row, and all details, apart from the hours and comments, will be copied in a new row. Then, you can then update specific settings as needed.

For In/Out timesheets, you’ll be able to copy a row within a day, or all rows from one day to another.

Also, since mobile timesheets don’t have rows, we’re adding a Suggestions option, where the ten most recent projects, tasks, or activities added to a timesheet will be available to copy to a new time entry card on that timesheet.

Improved reliability for Face ID in CloudClock

We’re making the Face ID authentication option for CloudClock more reliable. Soon, when you set up Face ID, the CloudClock will take five pictures instead of one.

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Paula Tannahill, Technical Writer

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Posted 8 months ago

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Photo of Jose Angel Alcon Amador

Jose Angel Alcon Amador

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Great improvement, Do we have a possible delivery date of this product enhancements?, Thanks.
Photo of Vinodh.V

Vinodh.V, Community Moderator

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Hello Jose,

Thank you for posting your query.

We will notify our user base via Release notes.

Request you to follow this page, where we will update all the changes:


Hope this information helps.


Photo of Charlene Eriksen

Charlene Eriksen, Product Manager

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Hi Jose,

Was there one of these changes in particular you were interested in?

Photo of Jose Angel Alcon Amador

Jose Angel Alcon Amador

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Dear Replicon Team,

This new upcoming product changes were advertised a month ago, Do you have any idea about when will they be deployed?, Thanks in advance.

Jose Angel Alcon

Photo of Vinodh.V

Vinodh.V, Community Moderator

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Hello Jose,

Thank you for your follow up.

We are happy to see our customers following up on the release notes.

Are you looking for any specific functionality in the list or as a whole?

Please do share the details that you are looking for and we will check this for you.

Ideally, this will be updated by the release notes.