Upcoming product change: Updates to our login page

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Last year, we launched a new version of the Replicon login page, available via the Try our new login page link on the existing web and mobile pages. This new version supports more authentication options and works better with password managers.

We aim to offer a single, consistent login experience for all of our customers, so in the next few months, we’ll be moving all customers to the new version of the login page and retiring the old one.

Starting March 18th, any new users who join your company will see the new version only. Then, beginning on April 8th, we’ll start automatically redirecting existing users to the new version.

The new login page is slightly different from the old one:

  • You now enter your company name on one page, then your user name and password on the next. You shouldn’t have to re-enter your company name after your first login.

  • If you are a single sign-on (SSO) user, you’ll now see an explicit SSO login button after entering your company name.

    And in Replicon Mobile, SSO buttons will be more prominent.


When you switch to the new version:

  • Your company and user name should be retained if you have Remember Me checked
  • If you use a password manager, you may need to update its settings to have your Replicon credentials filled in automatically
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Posted 5 months ago

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We've updated the dates for this change. New users will see the new version of the login page starting today. And existing users will be switched over to the new version starting April 22. There is a message on the login page informing users of this date.