Totals for billable and non-billable hours on custom timesheets

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On the old timesheets, there was a field on the upper right side that showed the totals of billable and non-billable hours for the week. Unfortunately this valuable feature is missing on the custom timesheet template. We would appreciate if you are able to add this. Ideally it would show the total hours and the billability percentage.
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Meyer, Philipp

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  • in desperate need of this ;-)

Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Philipp,

Currently you can include Payroll Summary widget to view the distribution of your Regular Hours, Overtime Hours and time off hours. We will have the availability of the billable and non billable hours discussed internally and update the thread accordingly.

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Derek, Product Manager

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Hi Philipp,

This would make a good improvement. It's not something we have planned currently but I'll leave this marked as Under Consideration and we'll review during future planning sessions.

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Bann, David

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I completely agree with this idea - old timesheets made it much simpler to get a quick view on billable vs. non-billable. Now we have to view this info in the team tab before entering the actual timesheet. It's a small thing to add, but it make the user experience that much better :)
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Having just moved from Gen 2 to Gen 3 - we find the loss of the Billable/Nonbillable totals ON the timesheet is really missed.   
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Timesheet display summary of billable and non-billable hours.

Hi. I am seriously missing the display of billable and non-billable hours on staff timesheets when I review them for approval. This information used to give me a quick overview of how much billable work each person has, which helps with resource allocation and identifying performance issues and gave me a heads up as to whether I need to examine a timesheet in greater detail. As I have to manually check billable vs non-billable hours, approving timesheets is taking me a lot longer than it used to. Is there any chance this function could be added in the future?
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Hello Jones,

Thank you for prioritizing this functionality.

This is marked as under consideration and we will share the update once this is available.

We suggest you sign up for the release notes to be updated on the changes.

We appreciate your time and efforts to post this feature.