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You sometimes need your employees to work overtime.

And they have to be paid for it.

But, your organization isn’t keen to part with hard-earned dollars.

So your organization isn’t happy.

Employees like time off.

But their vacation days are usually limited.

And unpaid time off is hard on the bank account.

So employees aren’t happy.

But, there’s a simple, elegant solution to both of these problems: offer time off in lieu of overtime payment.

Time off in lieu – or TOIL as it’s sometimes called – can save your company cash, while adding extra days off for employees to enjoy.

Everybody is happy.

And guess what? Replicon offers a TOIL feature that makes it easy to manage this type of time off.

Of course, like just about every feature in Replicon, it’s flexible. Your organization can choose:

  • Which employees are allowed to accumulate TOIL

  • Whether conversion to TOIL is automatic or the employee gets to choose hours to convert

  • The rate used to convert hours to time off (e.g. 1.5 times the hours worked)

  • Which time off types the employee can accumulate TOIL against


For more information on how TOIL works in Replicon, refer to Setting up time off in lieu. If you’re using a legacy product, you can use our overtime banking feature.
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