Timesheet errors vs warnings: What’s the difference?

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You may be aware that every validation message that appears on a timesheet is labeled as either an ‘error’ or a ‘warning’.

But, what's the significance of each severity level? And do they both block timesheet submission?

First, administrators can classify (most) timesheet validation rules as either an error or a warning, at the system level. (The ones they can’t configure are classified as errors by default.)

So, for example, you could designate the Mandatory Comments validation as a warning, but make the Activity/Project Required rule an error.

But, that alone only affects how the validation message displays on the timesheet.

Beyond that, you can also have validations block submission of timesheets, based on their error or warning status.

To do this, you’ll need to choose the applicable option or options, available in the Workflow Conditions section at the bottom of the timesheet template setup page.

Many users elect to have all errors block submission, but allow timesheets that include unresolved warnings to be submitted.

Or, if you like to defy convention, you could block submission of warnings, and let employees submit error timesheets.

You can even have all validations block submission, or let all timesheets be submitted, regardless of validations.

It’s up to you.
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