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The purpose of Relicon's timesheet validation rules is simple: To help ensure timesheet data is valid and complete.

For example, they can:

  • Narrow the opportunity for errors, like the Work Day Hours rule that can prevent an employee from accidentally entering 88 hours instead of 8

  • Ensure data you need is supplied, like the Mandatory Custom Fields rule that ensures employees are recording custom data, like how many calls they made that day

Or, they can even:

  • Nudge employee behavior, like the Daily Rest Period rule that encourages employees to take and record their breaks

If a timesheet breaks a validation rule, an error or warning message will display. You can set these up to simply notify timesheet users and approvers about a problem on the timesheet. Or, you can configure validation rules to block submission of timesheets, so users are forced to fix errors.

The scope of validation rules may be small, but their effects add up. Plus, they require virtually no effort on your part, while adding value indefinitely.

So, check which validations you currently have set up, and make sure you’ve applied every rule that can help keep your data accurate.

Refer to Setting up timesheet validation rules for more information.


These are the timesheet validation rules Replicon currently offers out of the box:

Rules that require a field to be completed

Activity/Project Required

Mandatory Custom Fields

Client selection for "User's Choice" projects

Mandatory Comments

Rules that restrict the number of hours that can be entered

Above Scheduled Hours

Timesheet Period Hours

Workweek Hours

Weekly Hours

Maximum 24 Hour Per Day

Work Day Hours

Daily Minimum Hours

Min/Max Activity Durations

Rules that restrict data entry to certain date ranges

Project/Task Start & End Dates

Restrict Time to User Start/End Dates

Rules that check that in and out entries are valid

Complete In/Out Times

Overlapping Entries

Rules to ensure meals and breaks are recorded

Daily Rest Period

Meal Break Enforcement

Rules that ensure hours entered match amounts available

Allocation matches Allocation Categories

Time Off In Lieu

Rules that help ensure budgets aren’t exceeded

Yearly Overtime Hours

Project/Task Estimates
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