Release notes Nov 27 - Dec 3 2017

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This week, we updated Replicon Mobile for iOS and Android, and launched some time off enhancements.

Update to Mobile for Android

Replicon Mobile for Android is now available in the Play store. It adds support for Greek and Dutch.

Update to Mobile for iOS

Replicon Mobile for iOS is now available in the App store. It includes bug fixes.

Improved time off platform

Over the past several months, we've been making some big improvements to our time off features. We've been referring to those enhancements as 'new time off'.

The main advantage of new time off is that it allows for:

  • Greater flexibility in development of new default features, and
  • Easier and more affordable creation of custom functionality
For example, we were able to add the time off expiry and accruals based on hours worked rules that we launched last month – and the end of year balance rule we’re announcing today (see below) – due to the flexibility of our new platform.

This new functionality will be available in all products that offer time off features. If it hasn’t already been enabled in your system, we’ll be contacting you with more details about the update.

Refer to our Setting up time off video for more information on administering time off in the new system. And, if you need information about having custom time off functionality created, talk to your Customer Success representative or contact Replicon Support.

Prevent overdraw at end of year validation rule

In many companies, employees are allowed to overdraw their current time off balance, but aren't allowed to overdraw their yearly entitlement. Now, we offer a default rule that will prevent users from overdrawing their end of year balance for a time off type.

For example, imagine that this rule is applied to a user who accrues one day of vacation time each month. In July, the user has accrued 7 days off, and they're allowed to book 12 days off for their summer vacation. But, if they tried to book off 13 days, they’d be blocked from submitting that booking, since they’d exceed their year-end balance by 1 day.

This rule is available in new time off. Like our other validation rules, you can assign this to a time off type – so the rule will be applied to all users assigned that type – or you can assign the rule per user policy.

Multiple partial-day bookings allowed with overlapping booking rule

You can now make multiple partial-day time off bookings on the same day if you're using the Error for overlapping rule, providing that the bookings have start times and they don’t overlap. Previously, making two or more partial-day bookings on the same day was prevented in all cases, when this rule was in effect.


Click here for a summary of new features added to Replicon in the past six months.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hello Paula - we noticed beginning last Friday Dec 1 that substitute users were copied on approval notifications. Where would I have seen a release note on this?   thank you