Release notes May 27 - Jun 2 2019

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This week, we updated Replicon CloudClock for iOS, launched improvements to the task interface, finished rolling out the new mobile interface for Time Distribution Grid timesheets, and released a new timesheet validation rule.

Improvements to the task interface

We’ve launched the updates to the task interface that we previewed a while back. We’ve added a search field, consolidated all resourcing fields in one location, and improved how task statuses display – see details of these changes below.

Note that, to safeguard page load performance, the interface no longer includes a Collapse All option. The full hierarchy of tasks for a project will always display, unless you use search. By using the search field, you can view tasks in context of their parent and sub-tasks – search results always show all parents of tasks that match the search term, and can be set to show all sub-tasks. See below for details.

Ability to search

The major improvement we’ve made is adding a search field, where you can search your list of projects and tasks by their name, code, or words in their description.

The search field offers a couple of filter options:

  • Resource Assignment - only tasks assigned to the resource you select will display
  • Show Matching Sub-Tasks - all sub-tasks of tasks that match the search text will display

Consolidation of resourcing fields

Previously, you’d add team assignments on one location, and assign them to dates from another. Now, all resourcing fields are accessed from a single location, under the resource icon.


Improvements to how task statuses display

We’ve added a Status column, where you can mark tasks as open or closed. Previously, no open or closed labels displayed, and closed tasks were shown as strikethrough text.

New mobile interface for Time Distribution Grid timesheets

We’ve now fully rolled out the new mobile interface for those who use Time Distribution Grid timesheet format. We first previewed this last November. This new interface offers several improvements, including:

  • A new, quicker time entry experience, including an option to enter time across multiple days at once

  • The ability to search clients, projects, and tasks at once, which is helpful, for example, if you know the name of the task, but not the client or project

  • The option to copy data from your previous timesheet or from your schedule
 Note that our improved interface for In/Out timesheet formats is currently being rolled out.

New timesheet validation rule: Prevent Breaks at Start/End of Day

This rule will display an error or warning message on timesheets that include a break at the very beginning or very end of the user’s day.

You can set the rule to validate for breaks at the start of the day, at the end of the day, or both. You can also set up workflow conditions to prevent submission of timesheets that include a validation error.

Update to CloudClock for iOS

Replicon CloudClock for iOS is now available in the App store. It includes bug fixes.


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