Release notes Jan 6 - 12 2020

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This week, we added a new summary option for report custom columns, some new timesheet validation rules, and a time off accrual rule. Plus, we added a new time off in lieu column to a report.

New summary option for report custom columns

We’re offering a new data summary option for those who use report custom columns.

This new option, called Formula, first calculates the summary for each variable in your custom formula, based on the summary option selected for that variable. Then, it applies the custom formula using the result for each column, rather than calculating each row independently and then applying the summary option.

This option can be useful in cases where the default calculation would be incorrect.

For example, imagine you want the total remaining hours for your project. You’ve created this custom column:

     Remaining Hrs = Project Estimated Hrs - Total Hrs

But, in your report, you need to show hours entered against the project each day.

In this case, calculating Project Estimated Hrs - Total Hrs for each day independently, then summing the total doesn’t make sense, since the estimate applies to the project as a whole, not to each day; 44 is not the total remaining hours for the project.

However, you can now apply the Sum option to each variable in the formula – Project Estimated Hrs and Total Hrs – then apply the Formula option to Remaining Hrs.

This will calculate the remaining hours for the project as a whole.

New timesheet validation rules

We’ve released three new timesheet validation rules:

  • Average Workday Hours in a Continuous Period - Displays an error or warning message if the user’s average workday hours exceed a specified limit within a continuous period
  • Overtime Hours Over a Specific Period - Displays a message if overtime hours exceed the specified period
  • Daily & Weekly Overtime Hours - Shows a message if overtime hours exceed the specified daily and/or weekly period
  • Configurable Daily/Weekly Rest Period - Shows a message when the required amount of daily/weekly rest is not taken

New time off accrual rule

We’ve released one new time off accrual rule:

  • Accrual Based On Service Period - Adds time off based on the user's (Date of Service) custom field


  • We added a Time Off In Lieu Deposit column to the Time Off Balances report template. It shows the total the time off in lieu accrued for the time off type, as of the date selected in the filter

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