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Login issues are big business for IT departments – dealing with lockouts, confirming identities, and resetting credentials – which is not good for business overall.

Plus, they’re a stressor for employees – one more thing they don’t want to have to deal with, when they’re just trying to get their work done.

Replicon has an additional layer of complexity compared to other apps, in that we require users to provide their company name when they log in (at least, the first time). Yes, they probably know what company they work for, but do they know exactly how that name is formatted?

Password managers are a great stress reliever, perhaps on par with daily meditation, but not everyone uses one. And there are other causes of login issues besides forgotten credentials.

Unfortunately, we can’t make login issues go away. But, here are five hints that might reduce the number of login problems your IT team has to deal with:

  1. Use single sign-on

    Many companies use SSO already, so if you’ve so far avoided it, maybe you’re a small company intimidated by the technology. But, you can base SSO on credentials used for another application, like Google or Intuit, if you don’t want to set up something like SAML.

  2. Make sure single sign-on users know how to access Replicon

    Some single sign-on users log in via our login page, while others use a custom URL provided by their company. Make sure your employees understand where to access Replicon, and other apps they need.

  3. Ensure employees know their company name and user name, correctly formatted for entry

    And, ensure they know they’ll need both to log in to Replicon so they should save those identifiers somewhere -- you might send this information in a welcome email. You might also suggest they enable the Remember Me option, so their credentials are saved from one session to the next.

  4. Ensure users are assigned their proper licenses and permissions before you expect them to log in

    If these aren’t assigned, they’ll run into trouble when they try to log in.

  5. Warn people when Replicon will be unavailable due to maintenance

    Access disruptions are usually planned. If your IT help desk gets calls, chats, and emails from people who can’t log in during maintenance periods, consider sending out a message ahead of time, warning users about upcoming downtime.

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