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You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about notifications.

But, if you did think about them, you’d notice they’re actually pretty noteworthy.

They serve as a critical ‘nudge’ that helps keep submissions and approvals of time and expense sheets moving, which in turn keeps payroll and billing cycles on schedule, which keeps your business in business.

So, in light of their importance, let’s notice five key features of notifications that you may not have noticed before.

You can customize them

Yes, we provide defaults, but you can update the names and body text for any notification. You can even include threats and dire consequences for late submissions, if you want.

Their send schedules are relative

Some notifications are sent immediately after the relevant action is taken (e.g. ‘Your time off booking is approved’ is sent as soon as a supervisor approves a booking). 

But some notifications have customizable schedules, relative to a due date. So, administrators can choose to send a reminder to submit timesheets on the timesheet’s due date, or up to 6 days before or after timesheets are due.

They’re more than emails

You can send Replicon notifications as push notifications, for employees who use Replicon Mobile. You can even send both email notifications and push notifications to users, if you really want to get their attention.

They’re multilingual

Our default notification text is available in all languages we support, so it’s easy to enable a version of each notification, in each language your company uses.

They’re right-to-disconnect aware

Right-to-disconnect legislation protects a worker’s right to not be bothered by work during non-work hours. If your company observes right-to-disconnect laws or policies, you can enable a blanket setting that blocks notifications from being sent on holidays and at other times when workers aren’t on the job.
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