Linking pay rate to activity worked

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Sometimes, companies want to pay employees different rates, depending on the activity they worked on.

There are various possible reasons for this.

Often, rate differences reflect a premium paid for more difficult or valuable work – such as orchestras that pay $65/hr for rehearsals, $80/hr for concerts, and $100/hr to soloists. Or, for perhaps a more familiar example, moving companies that pay more for driving than for lifting boxes.

However, differential pay can be based on just about any condition you can think of, like:

  • The time of day worked

  • Whether the employee was acting as a supervisor

  • The location of the activity, or

  • The degree of risk involved

But as you can imagine, variable rates can be difficult to manage, especially if different pay rates fall within one shift.

To make things easier, Replicon offers end to end support for activity-based rates in TimeAttend Plus and Workforce Management.

With this feature, the sky’s the limit in how pay can be organized. And best of all, you never have to make risky and time-consuming manual calculations to figure out payroll.

The only caveat is you’ll need a custom pay rule to use this feature, to define things like overtime. But, with our scripted pay rules, custom rules are simple to create and affordable.

If you’d like more information about how this feature works, refer to Setting up activity-based pay rates.
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