How to know when a project is reaching its estimate

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As your projects progress, you’ll probably want to know how they’re faring against estimates.

Note that ‘estimates’ can mean either the estimate values you entered for the project and/or its tasks when setting up a project, or the resource hours allocated to it.

There are a few options in Replicon for keeping track of where your projects stand.

Project Progress report

This report shows actual hours worked vs. estimated hours entered. If you set up a schedule for this report, it will be sent to you automatically at whatever frequency you choose, prompting you to view the status of your projects at regular intervals.

Task progress graphs

You can check project progress graphs whenever you approve time recorded in a duration-based timesheet.

These graphs display next to each timesheet row, and show the total hours worked (by everyone) on that task as a fraction of the hours estimate entered for that task.

To set up these graphs, enable the View task progress option in timesheet templates.

Project/Task Estimates timesheet validation rule

With this rule, you choose what thresholds (actual project hours as a percentage of the resource hours allocated) will trigger a warning or error message to display on the configurable timesheet.

When the project hits the selected threshold (say, 90% complete), a message displays on all timesheets that include that project, which managers can view when approving time.

Summary tab for the project

The Summary tab – which displays when you select a project – graphs project estimates (based on resources allocated to the project) against actual hours and costs recorded.

Refer to Setting and tracking project estimates in our help system for more report options, and for information on how to set estimates.
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