Gauging performance with Target Billable Hours

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Some organizations require their employees to track billable hours worked. Law firms are an obvious example, but the requirement can apply to any company that performs work for clients.

Tracking billable hours allows for accurate client billing, and can help you understand how well employees are being utilized, but it can also be used to evaluate employee performance.

Companies that track billable hours to gauge performance typically set monthly billing targets, to set expectations and keep employees motivated. These targets can vary from one month to the next, and from user to user.

So, to use billable hours as a performance metric, companies must be able to:

  • Record billable hours targets per month and per user

  • Share targets and actuals with employees

  • Capture the actual billable hours worked, and

  • Compare actuals to targets, to evaluate performance

You could meet most of these requirements using spreadsheets, of course. But using a single tool for end-to-end tracking of billable hours is far, far easier.

That’s why we offer a built-in solution for setting and tracking per-user billing targets. We call it Target Billable Hours.

Target Billable Hours lets you set a monthly target for each employee on your team. These targets can vary over time, to account for things like seasonal changes in your market, or employee time off.

Then, to allow users to see targets they’re aiming for, and get immediate feedback on their progress and how it compares to the team average, you can enable the Target Billable Hours component in employees’ configurable timesheets.

Finally, you can view how well each employee met their targets using a report we like to call... Target Billable Hours.

If you want to learn more, see Tracking billable hours against targets in the Replicon Help.
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