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Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Having a timesheet that comes with the data you want already recorded?

Well, no need to dream. Replicon offers four pre-population methods that may just work for you and your employees.

These are the default methods we offer:

  • Previous Timesheet Including Time Data - copies all data from the user’s previous timesheet onto their new timesheet, so it’s useful if your tasks and hours don’t change much from week to week

  • Previous Timesheet Excluding Time Data - copies projects, tasks, activities, and custom field values from last week, but not the time. This is handy if you tend to work on the same things from week to week, but the amount of time you spend on each varies.

  • Scheduled Hours - adds all scheduled hours for users with an assigned office or shift schedule

  • Allocate Timesheet Hours - populates the time distribution grid with hours recorded against projects, tasks, activities, or billing rates, in the order they were saved

These options can save time, since they give users a starting point – they can update copied data as required. Plus, these options lower the risk of data entry errors.

Users always have all enabled population options available in their timesheets. But, administrators can select a default method in timesheet templates that will be triggered when each new timesheet is generated.

Administrators can also configure these population rules – for example, they can enable the Retain Entries option for a rule, which protects any manually-entered data from being overwritten when the timesheet auto-populates.

Refer to Choosing how timesheets are pre-filled for more information.
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