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I would really really like it if all fields were available to Reports. Sure, keep the templates with the field report matrix as it is now, but then make another default Template that allows all fields to be accessible. 

I have already tried to make several reports, and continually find that I cannot use one of the fields needed to 'complete' the report. It is very frustrating.

I realize there is some backend stuff preventing this, but I think this should be a top priority. Having all the data there, and not being able to use it seems a waste - one of the reasons we got Replicon in the first place was to avoid this.

It would also solve a lot of peoples problems on this forum, which seem to be - I am trying to make a report template, but I cannot because a field is not available....

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Jeff Bethune

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Posted 4 months ago

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Yes this is definitely something that we have also found frustrating and not using much of the reporting within Replicon because of this which is a shame.  Would be good to have that available and also the ability to have a clean export of csv format data so that we could easily produce pivots and charts with the data without having to clean it up or auto fill information across blank columns which is a tedious task.
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Hi Jeff,

Thank you for using Replicon community,

I understand your requirement here, I have forwarded this to my product management team and will get back to with an update.

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Jeff Bethune

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This is just a follow up - I have tried to create several reports that I would assume are very common, but do not have access to all the fields for each individual report. For example:

Goal: Create a report that estimates the billing of a project, per user, for the hours they have been allocated in the resource planner.

Joe Bill rate = $100/hr
Jane Bill rate = $100/hr (its 2019!)

So if Joe and Jane are allocated 50hrs each for an upcoming month (timesheets have not been created yet), the report would show Total project Estiamted Billing is $10000 (Column Sum) becuase Joe hrs * Bill rate is = $5000, plus the same for Jane.

This is essentially the information available in the Projects tab if the Estimated billing column is enabled, however in that view there is not option to break down per user.

I have tried custom columns across many templates and can get part of the picture, but not the whole picture. This problem has arisen for many of the reports I am trying to create. I think this is an extremely limiting problem with Replicon that should be addressed with a high priority.
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Jeff Bethune

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As an update - I was able to create this report in the example using the Project Team Assignment Template. However I would still like a template that allows all fields!
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I agree with Jeff and Megan. It would be very helpful to have the ability to build a report that can access all fields. It is essential for us to build the payroll reports we need. As an example, key payroll input data includes OT and DT pay codes, billable hours, and time off details. Currently, we have to run three separate reports to get this data. Seems like an avoidable nuisance. 
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Hello Matthew,

Thank you for adding your inputs.

We understand the requirement here and we have forwarded this requirement to our Product management team and they will look in this and will update this thread.

We really appreciate your time and patience.