A Q&A on using Replicon custom fields

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Replicon offers several types of custom fields that you can use to collect data beyond the defaults, to meet your company’s requirements.

What are custom fields typically used for?

You can use custom fields for just about anything, but these are some examples of common uses:

  • Attaching sick notes, jury duty notices, or other time off documentation to time off bookings

  • Recording the number of calls made when punching out from a call center shift

  • Tracking the amount of tips received when punching out of a restaurant shift

  • Attaching project plans, notes, and statements of work to the Project Info page for a project

  • Recording employee dates of birth and job titles in user profiles

  • Selecting your work location or equipment used on your timesheet

What types of custom fields are available?

We offer custom fields related to each key item available in Replicon: 

  • For employees: timesheet, time off booking, expense sheet, punch, schedule

  • For project managers: project, task, client

  • For administrators: user, and legacy department and employee type

Where do custom fields display?

Custom fields display where they can be easily updated and viewed by the target role. For example:

  • User custom fields display on the main page of user profiles

  • Time off custom fields are available on time off bookings

  • Punch custom fields are located above punch fields in Replicon Mobile or CloudClock

How can we access the data gathered?

You can view or export custom values using reports.

Also, select timesheet and time off custom fields can be accessed via our data connectors.

And, when using our Payroll and Time Workbenches or the Project list page, you can filter data by select custom fields.

Can we make custom fields mandatory?

Yes, you can make nearly all types of custom fields mandatory, meaning users are required to complete the field before they can save the page or the section of the page the field appears on. In the case of timesheet and time off booking custom fields, you can configure validations such that the user must complete the field before they can submit the item.

What formats do custom fields support?

The available formats (text, numeric, date, drop-down, or file), plus the number of fields available, depends on the field type.

Refer to Creating custom fields for more information on the properties of custom fields, and on how to set them up.
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