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Yes, you read it right. This is an article about filters.

“But wait,” you ask, confused, “Aren’t there lots of other cool things in Replicon you can show us?”

Of course. But today, I’m going to send some love to filters, those under-appreciated workhorses that make using Replicon a whole lot easier.

So what’s so great about filters?

Well... Replicon is, for many administrators and managers, data heavy. If you’re looking for a specific user or project or timesheet – as I know you often are – having to browse through those looong lists would be a nightmare.

In addition to allowing you to quickly find items, filters also let you isolate users or projects or other items that share particular traits.

For example, say you want to change the department for users with a particular supervisor only: filters allow you to easily find and apply changes to that specific group.

Filters are available all over Replicon – on payroll, project, and admin pages, in all of our reports, and more. And there are a lot of filter options – for example, on the Users list page you can filter by up to 14 fields! That means you can break down your data just about any way you like.

I know when I use Replicon I sometimes forget to use the filters. Or I’ll think, Oh, I’ll just scroll through this giant list and find what I’m looking for that way – it’ll be way faster.

But you know it never is.

In short, filters are kind of fantastic. So don’t forget to use them!
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