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If you’re an administrator, supervisor, or manager, maybe you’ve noticed this settings ‘cog’ icon on list pages in Replicon:

Or maybe not.

But it’s there. It’s all over the place, on just about every list page, from the Users page, to the Projects page, to the Approvals pages. The settings icon is so ubiquitous that it might actually be kind of invisible to you at this point.

But it serves an important purpose.

We at Replicon chose what columns display by default on each list page table, and hid some options behind the cog – to avoid clutter.

But, we are not all-knowing, and can’t choose the best defaults to suit everyone. So, some fields that would be more useful to your organization than the defaults may be hidden.

And that little icon is the doorway to all those secret treasures.

Ok, maybe I’m overselling it. But, there are some potentially useful fields hidden there.

For example:

  • On the Timesheets list pages, you can add a Validations column to the table, to easily find timesheets that include a validation warning or error

  • Also on Timesheets pages, you can add a Pay Calculations column, so you can easily confirm that calculations are up to date, and don’t need to be triggered

  • The Billing Summary page offers many hidden options, such as a set of Paid columns to show total amounts and hours each client has paid

So, next time you have a minute to kill, take a peek behind the cog, and see what you find.
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