Upcoming product changes - Sept 16 2020

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But please note the following changes we’re working on, which should be available within the next few weeks. We'll notify you via the release notes once these changes are live.

Login page update - Correction

Last week, we previewed an upcoming change to the Replicon login page. We stated that the initial page where you complete the Company Name field would be removed. But, in fact the login flow will remain as it is today. The only difference will be, after you enter your company name, the User NamePassword, and any SSO fields will appear on that same page, and no second page will load.

Sorry for any confusion. We’ll be making this change in the next week or two.

API rate limiting

In a couple of weeks, we’ll be implementing rate limits for our API. These limits will prevent customers from making excessive requests that may overload our servers.

Once this change is in effect, if you exceed limits, you’ll receive a “429 Too Many Requests” HTTP response code, along with a message advising you to slow down your operations and retry later.

If you encounter a rate limit that you can’t work around, you can contact your Customer Success Manager. We can work with you to optimize your integrations or our APIs, or increase limits, if necessary.

Note that:

  • All the limits will be rolling time limits (e.g. 1000 requests per minute, 10000 requests per hour, etc. Note that these are just examples.) 
  • Limits may be targeted by operation, with more expensive operations having lower limits
  • Limits will be subject to change
Refer to Replicon’s API user guide for more information about using our API.

Groups and programs in TimeBill Plus

In the next few weeks, we’ll be adding the groups and programs features to our TimeBill Plus product. So, if you use TimeBill Plus, you’ll soon have access to four group types for organizing users and for limiting access by role, and to the program ‘bucket’ used to organize projects.

After this change, if you have the Locations group type enabled, you’ll see Location access limiting options displaying on the Roles and Permissions page.

Note: If you’ve moved to our new Department and Employee Type group types, you’ll also see access limiting options for those.
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Paula Tannahill, Technical Writer

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Posted 1 week ago

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Campeau, Heather

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Thanks for the update! What will the API rate limits be? Maybe I'm missing them in the API guide. I'd like to perform due diligence on our integrations.
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Mathieu Fenniak, Director of SRE

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Hi Heather,

The exact rate limits are subject to change as we adapt and tweak them to protect the availability of our services, and different limits will apply to different APIs depending on the impact and risk of those APIs to our internal platform.

We are setting limits that are very high, and they will only impact a handful of integrations that have unusually aggressive behavior.  The impacted customers have been contacted through their customer success managers as we've proactively worked to ensure that no integrations will be disrupted by the new limits.