Upcoming product changes - Nov 8, 2017

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We’re working on the following changes, which should be available soon.

Time-triggered conditional approvals

Are approver absences and other delays causing approvals to stagnate, creating headaches for your billing and payroll teams?

By popular demand, we’ll soon be offering an awesome new feature to help keep approvals on track: time-triggered conditional approval rules!

With time-triggered approvals, you can set a time limit for approval. If the item isn’t approved within that time frame, the item will be sent to the next individual in the supervisory hierarchy for approval.

For example, a rule could specify that timesheets that aren’t approved within 48 hours are sent to the approver’s supervisor.

Rules can be created for timesheet, time off booking, and expense sheet approvals, and can be designed to meet your company’s requirements. We’ll offer a default timesheet approval rule out of the box when this feature is launched.

Expense and time off conditional approvals

Does approving time off bookings and expense sheets sometimes make your eyes glaze over?

Maybe the low value items don’t seem worth your time to look at, or maybe you think you’d do a better job if you could focus your attention on approving higher risk items.

If this sounds like you, take note. We’re putting the finishing touches on expense and time off conditional approvals that will allow you to route items for automatic approval based on item criteria.

For example, default rules will let you skip approval of time off bookings with less than a certain number of hours (say, 8 hours), or expense sheets with less than a certain dollar value (say, $100).

Note that these are just examples; conditional rules can be created to fit complex approval scenarios based on just about any field offered in time off bookings and expense sheets.

Conditional approval functionality will be available in the applicable Enterprise-level products, with the exception of the expense functionality, which will be available in Expense Plus.

If you’d like to preview the enhancements mentioned here, please reply to this post and we’ll contact you directly to set up access.

Filter settings displayed in pay runs

Head’s up, Payroll Workbench users. We’ll soon be displaying the filter settings that were used for a given pay run in its header. This will help you to confirm what data was included in the pay run.

Full settings will display if you mouse over the Filter Settings field. We’ll also be adding the date range for each pay run to the pay run list page.

We wanted to warn you about this change because we’ve been recording filter usage for a few weeks now, and we’ll be using that data to add filter settings to some of your past pay runs. So, don’t be perplexed if you start seeing this new data on old pay runs – it is accurate.
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