Upcoming product changes - June 13 2017

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We’re working on the following changes, which should be available within the next couple of weeks. We'll notify you via the release notes once these changes are live.

Bucket projects

Project managers will soon be able to create ‘bucket’ projects, and assign each to multiple clients.

This type of project is typically used if you perform the same tasks for many clients, to save you from having to create and maintain duplicate projects. While the structure of a bucket project is identical for all clients assigned, the billing amounts differ since employees select a specific client to bill whenever they enter time.

This new option will mean a small change to how clients are selected in cost allocation projects; You’ll have to choose Allocated Between when selecting cost allocation clients, while those setting up bucket projects will select the User’s Choice Of option.

This feature will be available in Professional Services Automation and TimeBill Plus. Note that selection of bucket clients will not initially be supported in Replicon Mobile or CloudClock.

Mass edit basic project information

Project managers will soon be able to edit project information for multiple projects at once from within the Replicon interface. You’ll be able to mass edit most fields from the Project Info dialog – such as the project manager, start and end dates, custom fields, plus the project status.

Note that with this feature, you'll only be able to mass edit basic project information, not other details such as tasks, team, or billing rates. We are working on additional project mass edit functionality.

Once this feature is released, you’ll see a new Mass Edit button on the Projects list page. You'll click this button to edit project details.

Mass editing of project information will be available in the following products:

  • New product suite: Professional Services Automation, Project Portfolio Management, TimeBill Plus, TimeCost Plus, TimeBill QuickStart
  • Legacy product suite: RepliconPSM, RepliconPPM, TimeBill, TimeCost

Changes to timesheet population rules

We’ll be making some changes to two of our timesheet population rules. After this change, the Scheduled Hours rule:

  • Won’t populate hours on days with full-day time off bookings, including holiday bookings; but it will populate hours on days with partial-day bookings so the total hours matches the scheduled number
  • Will no longer populate hours on timesheet components that are used for allocating hours usually entered via some other method (such as the Time Distribution Grid component on punch timesheets)
And, the Previous Timesheet Including Time Data rule:

  • Won’t populate timesheets with data users no longer have access to, such as projects that have ended or are closed, or activities or custom fields that have been disabled
We’ll also be adding a new Overwrite Entries option to both rules, that will let you choose whether or not existing entries – including 0 entries – will be overwritten.
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