Upcoming product changes - Dec 7 2017

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We’re working on the following changes, which should be available within the next few weeks. We'll notify you via the release notes once these changes are live.

Biometric authentication in CloudClock and mobile

You are unique – infinitely more unique than even the most complex password you could dream up. So why not take advantage of that uniqueness to make logging in to Replicon a snap?

We’re thrilled to announce that employees will soon be able to log in using facial recognition and fingerprint authentication when using our CloudClock and Replicon Mobile apps.

Face Detection in CloudClock

We’ll be offering facial recognition in CloudClock. Once administrators have enabled this option, and users have set up facial IDs, employees will be able to log in by having their face scanned.


And what are the advantages?

  • It’s fast - Employees don’t have to fumble for a card or type in user names, making clock lines move faster
  • It’s easy - Authentication doesn’t get much easier than looking into the clock
  • It’s reliable - Users can forget their ID card or a password, but they can’t forget their face

Touch ID and Face ID in Replicon Mobile

We’ll be offering both fingerprint and facial detection in our mobile app during login.

Once this feature is available, the first time a user logs in they’ll be given the option of setting up their fingerprint or their face. Then, next time they use the app, they’ll be able to log in using the method they chose.

What are the benefits?

Fingerprint authentication has several advantages:

  • It’s fast - Having to enter a password is a hassle when you’re on the go; scanning your fingerprint takes only a second
  • It’s easy - Logging in is a snap when you don’t have to mess around with passwords
  • It’s reliable - Even if you forget your password, you can still get in to Replicon
See some advantages of facial recognition listed under the CloudClock feature above.
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