Timesheet Day template report with “Modified on” Filter and Filter Value through Web Services

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Product/Platform: Quick Start, Replicon Plus or Replicon Enterprise.  

Product Area: Reports, Web Services

Applicable Scenarios:

1) Looking to download the report into .csv format also if the file capacity is more than 100MB
2) Report Times Out while running the report on the UI
3) Would like to use the JSON codes to integrate the report results with 3rd party software

Fundamentally, to run a report via Web services (GenerateReport) we will require:

1) reportUri
2) reportFilterUri
3) Value (Report Filter Value)

Step 1: Find GenerateReport Service

1) Login to Replicon TimeSheet with Administration privileges 

2) Add Services/Help/All after the company Key

3) Search and select "ReportService1"

4) Select "GenerateReport"

Generate Report Page: You will now see a page where you need to enter the Details to get the report as shown in Image 1

Step 2: Steps to Get Report URI

There are different ways of getting Report URI, However, we will discuss 2 of the ways below:

a) Under the GenerateReport Service you can enter the name of the report or click on the "Snow Man" Icon and select the report and the report name will be converted to report uri

b) Go to "ReportService1>GetAllReports"



Click on "Submit"


Step 3: Steps to Get Report Filter Uri

a) Go to ReportService1>GetReportDetails2>Select the Report Name and click on Submit



Type Few Words of the report OR select the report Name by clicking on the Snow Man Icon

Click on Submit


Note: Search by the Word "Filter" to Find the Filter URI 

Step 4: Steps to Find the Filter Value


Go to ReportService1 > GetAllFilterValueDetailsForFilter > Enter Report URI from Step 2 > Enter Report Filter URI from Step 3 and Click on Submit


Now that we have all that needs to generate report, find below the details of how to Use Generate Report service for TimeSheet Date Template Report.

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Posted 5 years ago

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hey Lingaraj. great post and very detailed.

i do have a question though. this is regarding filter values. what is the significance of modifiedonutcdaterangefilter value on the second and third filtervalue? the reportFilterUri is already indicating the filter. so what is the purpose of "modifiedonutcdaterangefilter" value? what are the other possible values that can be applied here and do they vary by reportFilterUri?