Release notes Sept 7 - 13 2020

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This week, we launched an auto-updating group access feature, a workflow condition that overrides other timesheet re-open permissions for supervisors, and we added the ability to copy time off validation and rounding rules.

We’ve also added some filters to help you find pay runs, updated a few default pay rules, and fixed a couple of issues.

Dynamic re-assignment of group access

Often, companies only allow employees to access members of their own group.

For example, Jim is part of the Accounting department, and is only allowed to share reports with, or assign as substitute, his fellow Accounting teammates.

However, if an employee moves from one group to another, their access doesn’t automatically change with them, which makes work for administrators, and can cause data security issues if access isn’t updated.

Now, you can set a user’s access to automatically update if they change groups by assigning them one of the User’s Location options, rather than assigning an explicitly-named group (e.g. ‘Finance’).

For example, if Jim is assigned one of these new options, and is later moved from Accounting to the Finance team, he will automatically be limited to accessing members of the Finance group.

This functionality is available in all products that offer customizable group types. It also applies when assigning time off calendar visibility in user profiles.

New workflow condition: Restrict Re-Opening Approved Timesheets

This new workflow condition rule, which can be added to any configurable timesheet template, blocks supervisors from re-opening approved timesheets. This is useful if a supervisor approves timesheets belonging to users they don’t supervise (therefore they need Edit Timesheet permission enabled, which allows them to re-open timesheets), but they should not be able to re-open timesheets that are approved.

The ability to copy time off validation rules and rounding rules

You can now make a copy of any of the time off validation rules, or punch rounding rules (in addition to timesheet validation rules, which we announced last week). This functionality may be useful in case you want to base a new rule on an existing one, or retain variations of two similar rules.

To make a copy of any rule, select the rule on its list page, then click More > Make a Copy:

 Or, click the Make a Copy of this Rule link located at the bottom, right-hand corner of the rule’s page.


New pay run list page filters

To help you more easily find older pay runs, we now include Description and Creation Date filters on the Pay Runs list page of the Payroll Workbench.


  • We’ve updated the New York pay rule with two new options you can choose to enable: Spread of Hours and Split Shift Pay. The former pays out an extra hour if the worker’s work day exceeds 10 hours, while the latter pays out an extra hour if they work two shifts separated by more than 1 hour. If both conditions are met, the worker will only be paid for 1 extra hour. 
  • We’ve updated our Utah pay rule to support 'on call' payment – you can specify an ‘on call’ activity, and users will be paid for 1 hour at their regular rate for every 12 hours recorded against that activity.

    Note: The new versions of both the New York and Utah pay rules described above recognize break payment and activity pay code overrides you can define using the break and activity Code fields.
  • We made several changes to the Taiwan pay rule to match labor law requirements

Fixed issues

  • Punch deletions are not tracked on a timesheet’s audit history page

  • In the Project Cost & Billing dashboard template:

    -   In the Billable view, calculations currently include total expenses (billable and non-billable). Fixed to include only billable expenses.

    -   In the Expenses view, calculations currently include non-billable and reimbursable expenses only. Fixed to include total expenses (billable and non-billable, reimbursable and non-reimbursable).

    This fix was previewed on Sept 1.

Click here for a summary of new features added to Replicon in the past six months.
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