Release notes Sep 30 - Oct 6 2019

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This week, we updated Replicon Mobile for iOS, made a small improvement to the mobile dashboard in both versions of Replicon Mobile, and released a default pay rule for Greece. Plus, for select regions, we updated display times in fields with time zone support.

Improvement to the Replicon Mobile dashboard

For those of you who use the mobile dashboard, we’ve finished rolling out the change we previewed on Aug 20.

To help you find timesheets that need special attention, we’ve added two tabs to the Team Timesheets page: one that shows timesheets with exceptions (overtime, and/or violations of punch or timesheet validation rules), and one that shows timesheets with no exceptions.

Updates to time zones for Asia, Africa, and South America

We’ve updated our time zone library to recognize recent time zone changes, as previewed on Sep 10.

For select regions, times displayed in fields with time zone support have been shifted by 30 or 60 minutes, when viewed in their local time. And, send times for scheduled reports and notifications have been updated to match the time zone shift.

These are the affected time zones:

  • Morocco Standard Time
  • Namibia Standard Time
  • Venezuela Standard Time
  • North Asia East Standard Time
  • North Asia Standard Time
  • Vladivostok Standard Time
  • Yakutsk Standard Time
  • Ekaterinburg Standard Time
  • GTB Standard Time
  • Russian Standard Time
These changes only affect how times display; we have not altered actual recorded times.

Update to Mobile for iOS

Replicon Mobile for iOS is now available in the App store. It includes bug fixes.


We’ve added a default pay rule for Greece that includes parameters for defining:

  • Daily, weekly, and yearly overtime

  • Sunday, holiday, sixth day, overwork and night premiums


Click here for a summary of new features added to Replicon in the past six months.
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