Release notes Oct 29 - Nov 4 2018

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This week, we updated Replicon CloudClock for iOS and we released some improvements in how we handle Daylight Savings Time.

Daylight Savings Time support

Daylight Savings can be confusing. When you’re dealing with timesheets, it may be difficult to know whether the total number of hours worked was calculated correctly.

In the past few weeks, we finished implementing some changes to configurable timesheets that help ensure you remain pay compliant when time changes.

Now, in a punch or in/out timesheet:

  • During the spring change when an hour is lost, if a user records an entry that falls between 2:00 am and 2:59:59 am (the missing hour), we’ll automatically correct the time. For example, 2:30 am will be updated to 3:30 am.
  • During the fall change when an hour is repeated, if a user manually records an entry that falls between 1:00 am and 1:59:59 am (the repeated hour), the user will see a prompt, asking if the entry falls in Daylight Savings (DT) or Standard (ST) time. For example, 1:30 am could be 1:30 DT (the first occurrence of that hour, before the time change) or 1:30 ST (the second occurrence of that hour, after the time change).

    Times recorded via actual punches do not require prompts, since the system knows exactly when those punches were made.
We’ve also updated all of our default pay rules to ensure Daylight Savings changes are taken into account. Plus, coming soon, you'll see an icon between in and out times or punch pairs whenever Daylight Savings alters a segment length, warning you that times shown will therefore not add up to the actual segment duration. 

Whether these changes apply to a user is determined by the time zone set on the Schedule tab of their user profile.
    • To make it easier to audit punch timesheets that include Daylight Savings punches, we recommend setting the employee's time zone to display on timesheets – this is configured on the user's Settings page and can be made the new user default. With this setting, you can easily see whether punches were made in DT or ST. (Time zones don't show on in/out timesheets.)
    • These changes are not yet supported by in/out timesheets in Replicon Mobile

    Update to CloudClock for iOS

    Replicon CloudClock for iOS is now available in the App store. It includes bug fixes, including a fix to the following issue:

    • A user with GPS Capture Required permission may not have their location recorded when they clock in or out

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