Release notes Oct 16 - Oct 22 2017

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This week, we updated Replicon Mobile for iOS, added support for specified approvers in configurable timesheets, and added a Time Comments component to configurable timesheets for use in reviewing comments.

We also launched the shift scheduling usability improvements we’ve been working on, added a new default pay rule, and fixed a few issues.

Update to Mobile for iOS

Replicon Mobile for iOS is now available in the App Store. It includes bug fixes, such as a fix to this issue:

  • When navigating a timesheet, if you select one of the last three days of a pay period from the dates listed at the top of the timesheet, the app may skip back and display the first day of the pay period

Specified approvers in configurable timesheets

In many cases, it makes sense for a user’s supervisor or project manager to approve the hours they worked. However, in some scenarios, organizations might prefer a named individual to approve timesheets. For example, an office manager may be given the role of approving all timesheets, even if they don’t directly supervise anyone.

Now organizations using configurable timesheets can assign a specified individual to approve timesheets. This was already possible for those using the legacy timesheet formats, and for time off and expense approvals.

To set up a specified approver, you’ll need to assign them a Supervisor permission set with timesheet approval permissions. Then, select their name from the Supervisors list in the approval path assigned to users.

Refer to Setting up approvals and Setting up approval paths for more details.

This feature is available in all products that offer a configurable timesheet, with the exception of the Quick Start products, and continues to be available for all legacy timesheet formats.

Note that we also now offer a new timesheet approval permission that you may find useful if you’re setting up a specified approver: View Pay Details When Approving in the Supervisor permission set. This option lets you block approvers from seeing pay details in timesheets they’re approving.

Time Comments component in configurable timesheets

We’ve added a Time Comments component that you can include in configurable timesheets that makes it easier for approvers to review comments.

Previously, to see comments in a Time Distribution Grid timesheet, reviewers had to hover over each timesheet entry. With this new component, comments are listed in their own table, alongside the properties of each entry (e.g. the entry’s date, project/task, or activity).

This table will only display if comments are entered. This component won’t typically be needed in other timesheet formats (such as the In/Out formats), since they already display comments in a separate column.

Shift schedule enhancements

We’ve launched the shift schedule usability improvements we previewed on September 12. Now you can drag and drop shifts and patterns of shifts, copy them across days horizontally or vertically, and remove a group of shifts in a single step.

You can now also filter the list of shift schedule users by their skills, to help you identify users qualified to work particular shifts.


  • We’ve added a default pay rule for the United Arab Emirates

Fixed issues

  • When expense Reimburse column is disabled, if an existing expense entry with Reimburse unchecked is edited from mobile, it will be set to reimbursable
  • If a project has a task with the same name, the task is not available in Task drop-down in expense sheets
  • If you press the Enter key after typing a time off type name on the Administration > Time Off > Time Off Types page, you get logged out
  • When adding or editing a user, you may be able to assign them a license even if no licenses of that type are available
  • If you go to Project Management > Resources > Placeholder Resources, and enable the Show holiday allocation check box, then select the Actual Resources tab, the page may fail to load properly


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