Release notes May 14 - May 20 2018

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This week, we launched two features related to automated notifications, both available in the new product suite.

Right to disconnect option in notifications

In some countries, ‘right to disconnect’ laws protect workers from being disturbed by work-related communication (phone calls, emails, push notifications, etc) on their days off.

Now you can easily enforce this regulation using Replicon notifications. On the Notifications page in each user profile, you can specify that the user’s notifications are sent any time, based on the notification’s settings alone, or only on work days, as defined by their schedule.

So, what happens to those unsent messages?

  • Time-triggered messages (e.g. Daily timesheet reminder) that are scheduled to be sent on a non-work day will never be sent, to avoid duplicate messages
  • Event-triggered notifications (e.g. Timesheet is approved) will be sent on the employee’s next working day.
The only exception to this is the Timesheet is due notification, which will be sent the day before the non-working day it is scheduled for, so users have time to act on the notice.

And of course, you can adjust this setting for many users at once using our mass edit feature for users.

Assign notifications by group

In some companies, different groups of users are assigned different push and email notifications. For example, workers in one location might receive daily reminders to fill out timesheets, while other locations don’t.

Now in Replicon, you can assign a group, or a combination of groups, to any new notifications you create, and the message will only be sent to members of the group assigned. This makes it easier to target particular groups and to manage notifications.

You can assign groups when you set up a new custom notification. Groups functionality is available in our enterprise-level products.


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