Release notes May 1 - May 7 2017

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This week, we updated Replicon Mobile for Android and launched our functionality for moving task dates when copying a project. Plus, we made some improvements to reports and pay rules, and fixed an issue.

Note that the conditional approvals for supervisors feature described below is now available on request.


Conditional approvals for supervisors

We’re working on some enhancements to our approvals functionality that will allow enterprise* customers to base their timesheet approval workflow on complex conditions.

Default rules that address the following two approval scenarios are now available on request:

  • Supervisors are only required to approve timesheets that include overtime hours
  • Supervisors are only required to approve timesheets that include more than a pre-set number of hours
To assign one of these rules to a supervisor, you’ll apply it to their timesheet approval path. Then, the supervisor will only be sent timesheets that meet the condition defined in the rule.

This is just phase I in a set of improvements we’re planning to make to approvals. We’re working on some additional new options, such as:

  • Approval rules for other types of approvers
  • Conditional approvals for expenses and time off
 If you’d like to preview our phase I enhancements to supervisor approvals, please reply to this post and we’ll contact you directly to set up access.

*Conditional timesheet approvals will be offered in enterprise products from the new product suite.


Update to Mobile for Android

Replicon Mobile Android is now available in the Play store. It includes the following key fixes:

  • Supervisors can’t view project data generated by their punch reports
  • In some cases, it’s possible to create punches against projects that have Completed status
  • Users assigned the In/Out Times + Allocation component in their timesheet template timesheet template can’t add a time entry that goes past midnight on the last day of a timesheet period
  • No Submit button appears on timesheets for users who haven’t been assigned the Auto-Submit Timesheet on Due Date option in their timesheet template
  • Expenses entered against billable projects using the mobile app are tracked as non-billable, in cases where the employee doesn’t have the option to choose the billing status

Moving task dates when copying a project

We’ve added the ability to move tasks when copying a project. We included some details on how this works when we previewed this change a couple of weeks ago.

To keep the dates in sync, when you copy a project, check the Move all task dates option that displays when you choose to move tasks and enter a new start date. All task dates from the original project will be moved the number of days the start date was moved.


This new feature is available in:

  • New product suite: Professional Services Automation, Project Portfolio Management, TimeBill Plus, TimeBill QuickStart, TimeCost Plus
  • Legacy product suite: RepliconPSM, RepliconPPM, TimeBill, TimeCost

More changes to Project Estimated Cost and Expenses columns in reports

Project Estimated Cost and Project Estimated Expenses columns are now available in the following report templates:

  • Project Task Hierarchy
  • Project Team Assignment
  • Project
  • Project Time Allocation
  • Project Time Distribution
  • Task Assignment
  • Billing
  • Expense
  • Invoice Details
  • Timesheet Day
  • Timesheet In/Out
Values for these columns are displayed in the currency they were entered in. Two weeks ago, we appended (BC) to the names of the old versions of these columns, since those versions display values using your system’s base currency.

Project Currency versions of Billing report fields

The following new columns have been added to the Billing report template:

  • Billing Rate Amount (Project Currency)
  • Billable Amount (Project Currency)
  • Billable Expense Amount (Project Currency)


Fixed issues

  • If a user has only billing manager permissions, the Client and Project filters on the Billing> Timesheets and Billing > Expenses tabs don’t work
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