Release notes Mar 6 - Mar 12 2017

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This week we updated Replicon CloudClock for Android, added the ability to make changes to invoiced timesheets, released a new timesheet population method, and fixed some issues.

Update to CloudClock

Replicon CloudClock for Android is now available in the Play store. It includes app stability improvements.

Ability to change timesheets that have been invoiced

You can now make changes to timesheets that have been included on an invoice. This may, for example, be useful if:

  • An invoiced timesheet includes an error – maybe it’s missing hours that were worked, or includes extra hours that weren’t worked
  • A timesheet spans two months, and you want to invoice some hours one month, and some the next month
  • You want to make changes unrelated to the invoiced hours, such as hours for another client
With this new functionality, anyone who can reopen and edit a timesheet can perform those functions if the timesheet has been included on an invoice.

Once changes to an invoiced timesheet are approved, they’ll be available as billing items that you can include as deltas on new invoices, if that’s how your organization handles invoice adjustments.

Note, you must remove the Prevent Changes to Invoiced Timesheets workflow condition in a timesheet’s template, or you’ll get an error if the timesheet has been invoiced and you attempt to reopen it. Keep this workflow condition in place if your invoicing process doesn’t require you to make changes to invoiced timesheets.

Ability to automatically populate timesheet distribution grid

A new Allocate Timesheet Hours timesheet pre-population method is now available for the configurable timesheet format. It will automatically add any hours you enter via punching or entering in/out times to your timesheet distribution grid – saving you from having to manually populate your timesheets.


  • We’ve now made the change for SAML users that we previewed a few weeks ago: If a SAML user tries to log in via Replicon’s login page using a valid Replicon company key and login name, they’ll now be automatically redirected to their company network to complete authentication.

Fixed issues

  • If comments must be included upon resubmission of a legacy standard or in/out timesheet, and a payroll or billing manager force approves the timesheet and then reopens it, the timesheet owner will not be able to resubmit the timesheet
  • If you select the filter location on the Schedule tab, navigate away and then return to the filter, the number of selected users displayed may be incorrect
  • Actual billable hours for users who aren’t assigned billing targets are included in target billable hours graphs for groups, departments, or the company, in configurable timesheets
  • The Allow Blank Timesheet Comments permission is available in configurable timesheet templates, even though it doesn’t apply to this timesheet format
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