Release notes Mar 20 - Mar 26 2017

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This week, we launched a trio of project-related features: we released the final phase of our target billable hours feature, effective dates for those using cost allocation for projects, and the capacity to bill clients using manually-triggered, custom billing scripts.

Target billable hours

A few weeks ago, we released the first phase of our billable targets feature, which allowed administrators to set billing targets and view them in reports. This week, we released the remainder of the feature. So you can now:

  • Enter billable targets for resources on the Administration > Target Billable Hours page
  • Allow resources to view their progress towards targets in their configurable timesheets by adding the  Target Billable Hours UI component to their timesheet template. With this option enabled, users will see a bar graph showing their billable hours entered versus their targets at the top of their timesheet.

Let resources view others’ progress toward targets so they can better evaluate their own performance. In their template, you can allow them view the progressof the company, their department and, if applicable, their groups.

  • View actual hours and target hours using the Productivity Target template in dashboard graphs. Or, view employee targets alongside actual billable hours using the Target Billable Hours report template.
This feature is available in the following products:

  • New product suite Professional Services Automation, TimeBill Plus
  • Legacy product suite: RepliconPSM, TimeBill
However, the timesheet bar graph is only available in configurable timesheets available in the new product suite.

Refer to Tracking billable hours against targets for more information about this feature.

Note: The timesheet bar graph will not display in Replicon Mobile timesheets. In addition, you currently can’t access timesheets that include the Target Billable Hours component via the mobile app, although we are working on addressing this limitation.

Cost allocation effective date

We’re released the cost allocation effective date enhancement we previewed on March 6th.

If you click the Client History link in the Project Info dialog for a project, you’ll be able to:

  • Change what percentage of costs is allocated to each client
  • Add or remove clients from the cost allocation
  • Set up future changes to allocations ahead of time
  • Update past allocations, providing the new effective date for the split falls within the span of the project
  • Easily view all past and future cost splits
This change only allows you to split costs, not billing or invoice amounts, among clients.

This feature is available to customers using the following products:

  • New product suite: Professional Services Automation, Project Portfolio Management, TimeBill Plus, TimeCost Plus
  • Legacy product suite: RepliconPSM, RepliconPPM, TimeBill, TimeCost

Manually-triggered billing items based on custom scripts

If you use Professional Services Automation or RepliconPSM, we can now create a script that generates billing items that match your custom requirements when you click a button, that you can then add to invoices.

This is useful in various billing scenarios, but one common use for this functionality is billing based on completion of project milestones. For example, for these types of projects, you could have a script set up that finds any tasks that:

  • Have a particular task custom field assigned
  • Have a custom field indicating the amount to be billed when that milestone task is completed, and
  • Were closed in the past 30 days
Whenever the project or billing manager clicks the trigger button, a billing item will be generated for each closed task it found.

Scripts can utilize various project parameters to determine how and when billing items are generated, such as project, task, or timesheet custom fields, or whether or not a task is closed.

Refer to Generating manually-triggered custom billing items for more information on this feature. Contact Replicon Support for information on how to have custom script written.
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