Release notes Mar 19 - 25 2018

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This week, we updated Replicon Mobile for Android, made a few changes to the Canada Federal Overtime pay rule, and fixed some issues.

Update to Mobile for Android

Replicon Mobile for Android is now available in the Play store. It fixes these issues:

  • Entries made on the Daily Fields component of configurable timesheets may not display in the Timesheet Day report
  • The app crashes if you tap the Chat with Support link

Changes to the Canada Federal Overtime pay rule

We’ve made some updates to this pay rule, namely:

  • Daily and weekly overtime will now be compared, and the greater of the two paid
  • Weekly standard hours used to calculate overtime (typically 40) are reduced by 8 hours for each holiday falling within the work week

Fixed issues

  • If you go to Project Management > Resources and click on a user’s name, then on the Projects tab, an error occurs and no projects display
    • If you enter project, task, billing, activity, or custom field values in a project timesheet and those values are saved, and then you delete them, the deleted values may be erased from the Audit Trail report
      • If you remove hours eligible for time off in lieu (TOIL) banking from a timesheet that’s been included in a pay run, those hours may still be listed as eligible for TOIL in the timesheet
        • Partial day, zero hours bookings deduct a full day’s hours in new time off
          • If you authorize Remote Support, then refresh the page, the Authorized Until date disappears
          • If a user has Supervisor and Payroll Manager permissions and uses a timesheet, but they have no permission to reopen timesheets from Payroll or to reopen their own timesheet, they can reopen their own timesheet accessed from Payroll > Timesheets


          Adding and editing users, made easy

          Does adding users to your system or making changes to user settings seem like a daunting tasks? It doesn’t have to be – even if you need to make a lot of changes.

          Here are three ways to make updating users hassle-free:

          Discover RIA, Replicon’s Import Add-in

          RIA lets you update users and their settings using a spreadsheet. And populating the spreadsheet isn’t a chore, since RIA comes complete with helpful, built-in population tools.

          Mass edit

          This is a great option if you need to change many users to the same setting.

          Use the defaults

          You can simplify addition of new users by setting defaults for the common fields under New User Defaults on the User Settings page. Then any new user you add will be assigned those settings.


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