Release notes Jun 4 - Jun 10 2018

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This week, we added some new options for configuring holidays. Plus, we launched a new Support ticketing system you can access from within your instance.

Support ticketing system

If you’re an administrator and you need help with an issue in Replicon, communicating with our Support team is now easier than ever. We’ve added a ticketing system to the Administration > System and Security > Manage Account page where you can:

  • Raise issues and ask questions
  • Add comments to tickets
  • See the history of recent cases
  • View a resolution summary for closed tickets

Note that the interface shows recent cases only, not all historical cases.

Refer to Submitting and viewing Support tickets for more information.

New holiday options

If you have special holiday requirements Replicon couldn’t meet, take note. We’ve added some new options to our holiday functionality to make things more flexible. These options are available with new time off only.

Here are the cases we now support:

Specified hours holidays

Previously, when we auto-populated a user’s holidays, we’d always base that on their scheduled hours for that day. For example, if a user worked 8 hour days, their holiday booking would be for 8 hours.

But, some companies don’t want use scheduled hours to determine holiday hours. For example:

  • In some companies, an employee might be entitled to a holiday even if they’re not scheduled to work on that holiday
  • Other companies, for various reasons, maintain schedules that show a different number of hours than employees actually work or are entitled to be paid for
We’ve solved this problem by allowing you to specify a holiday’s duration when setting up the holiday, rather than basing it on schedules. This way, the user will be paid correctly in these exceptional cases without anyone having to remember to create a holiday booking for them.

Note: Holidays that use only the Specific number of hours option will only auto-populate if the holiday time off type is set to hours.

Partial day holidays

Some companies offer partial-day holidays -- for example, 2 hours off for early office closures, or 2.75 hours off for partial-day statutory holidays. While we’ve offered half-day holidays for a while now, companies can now define the exact length of a partial day holiday that is not half a day.

Unpaid holidays

Unpaid holidays are days off without pay, but have to be accounted for as holidays so that:

  • Users know they have the day off
  • When employees work on these days they can be paid appropriately (users are typically entitled to premium pay for time worked on an unpaid holiday)
You can use the new Full day with no holiday time to indicate an unpaid holiday.

A new validation option for those who don’t auto-populate holiday hours

We’ve updated all relevant validation rules to work with these new options described above. But note one related change we’ve made to the Above Scheduled Hours timesheet validation rule: We’ve added an option to deduct holiday hours from scheduled hours before validating.

This option would typically be used by companies who do not set holidays to auto-populate, so that holidays are accounted for when validating. If you do auto-populate and you exclude time off bookings, holidays are already accounted for.

Refer to Setting up holiday calendars for more information on how to configure these new options in your system.


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