Release notes Jun 3 - 9 2019

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This week, we updated Replicon Mobile for Android, launched a new timesheet validation rule, and fixed some issues.

New timesheet validation rule: Average Hours Overtime in Rolling Period

This new rule can help employees, approvers, and supervisors keep tabs on whether reasonable amounts of overtime are being worked.

A validation message will be triggered if the actual average weekly overtime worked over a “rolling period” whose length you define (defaults to 17 weeks) exceeds the set "expected" amount of overtime, based on a value you also define (defaults to 8 hours overtime per week). You can choose to omit or include overtime hours deposited as time off in lieu from this calculation.

For example, assume an employee is assigned this rule, and its set to use the defaults described above. The employee works 8 hours of overtime each week for 16 weeks, but then this week they work 9 overtime hours. In this scenario, a validation message will display on their current timesheet, since the average for the past 17 weeks will exceed 8 hours per week:

((16 weeks x 8 overtime hours worked) + 9 overtime hours worked) / 17 weeks = 8.06 average weekly overtime hours > 8 weekly overtime hours

Update to Mobile for Android

Replicon Mobile for Android is now available in the Play store. It includes bug fixes.

Fixed issues

  • In Time Distribution Grid timesheets, if comments and entry-level custom fields are disabled for the timesheet, comments bubbles can still be opened (although they display no fields) if a timesheet-level custom field is enabled for the timesheet template
  • Users with the Work Days only option enabled for email notifications may receive Timesheet is due reminders after the timesheet due date, if the last day of their timesheet period falls on a day off
  • In our new task interface, if an optional date-type task custom field is enabled, and that field is left blank when adding a new task, an error displays and the task isn’t created

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