Release notes Jun 17 - 23 2019

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This week, we updated Replicon Mobile for Android, finished rolling out our punch map view feature, and added a new timesheet validation rule. Plus, we added support for ‘snapping’ to the nearest duration in Replicon Mobile, and we started preventing punches made from spoofed locations. And, we fixed an issue.

Punch map view and geofencing

We’ve finished rolling out our new punch map view and geofencing feature that we previewed a couple of months ago. This feature can help you identify whether an employee was at their assigned work site when they punched in or out, helping verify that their work times are valid.

Punch and payroll managers can now view punches on a map, so they can easily see which ones fall outside a user’s work location.

In addition, administrators can assign each punch user a ‘place’ (representing their work location) which shows as a circle on the punch map (a ‘geofence’), to help managers identify invalid punches. Administrators can also assign punch users the Punching at work location punch validation rule, which will automatically flag as invalid any punches that fall outside the user’s assigned place.

Note that to coincide with these improvements, we made some small changes to the filters available on the Team > Time Punches page.

New timesheet validation rule: Min/Max Break Durations

You can use this validation rule to define a minimum and maximum duration – either the exact required break duration, or a range the break’s actual duration must fall within, when entered on the timesheet – for one or two break types.


Update to Mobile for Android

Replicon Mobile for Android is now available in the Play store. It includes bug fixes, along with the following improvement:

  • The ability to enter time against projects/tasks and activities, in combination


  • Replicon Mobile now supports ‘snapping’ to times and durations in configurable timesheets, based on the Snap times/durations to nearest setting in timesheet templates
  • If an Android user is using an app that provides fake location data ('location spoofing’), they will now be prevented from creating punches via that device, while that app is enabled

Fixed issues

  • Some punches for a selected date range may not display on the Payroll > Time Punches page

Click here for a summary of new features added to Replicon in the past six months.
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