Release notes Jun 11 - Jun 17 2018

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This week, we updated Replicon Mobile for Android, fully launched our dashboards feature, and added new project notifications and project file attachment fields. Plus, we’ve added the ability to easily retrieve forgotten user names, and fixed a couple of issues.

Update to Mobile for Android

Replicon Mobile for Android is now available in the Play store. It includes bug fixes.

Replicon dashboards

In this era of information overload, everyone’s looking for simple ways to keep up with the data that actually matters.

Replicon’s dashboard lets you easily view and share critical information with other decision-makers in your organization, using graphical charts. Charts always show real-time data, so you’re always looking at the current status of things.

For example, you can create charts that show which of your projects or clients yield the most profit, so everyone knows what to allot more time and resources to. Or, you can keep tabs on how much time off each employee has taken.

We’ve offered dashboards for a while, but we’ve recently made some improvements and are now removing the feature’s beta label.

One key improvement we’ve made: While dashboards are still accessible to anyone with dashboard permission, users will now only see data in dashboard charts that they have permission to view in the rest of the application. So, you can assign dashboards to anyone without worrying that they’re seeing confidential details they shouldn’t have access to.

For more information on dashboards, refer to our Using dashboards or Using dashboards (video) help topics.

Project file attachments

If you’re a project manager, you probably sometimes need to share common project files with other team managers. We’ve added an easy way to do that in Replicon – using dynamic project custom fields that support file attachments.

So, for example, you can attach signed statements of work or project plans to your projects, where everyone can easily find them.

Administrators will have to add the fields – see Creating custom fields for information on setting up fields. Once the fields are available, they’ll display at the bottom of the Project Info dialog for each project, just like our ‘fixed’ custom fields that don’t support attachments.

Also note a related change: The layout of our Project Settings page has been updated. Most significantly, we’ve placed the project and task fixed custom fields on separate tabs.

Project notifications

If you work with others to manage projects, you might be looking for easier ways to communicate status changes for projects, so everyone’s on the same page.

Our new project notifications can help. We’ve added two notifications:

  • One that notifies you if a new project you manage was created
  • One that lets you know if the status of a project you manage has changed

You can assign these notifications to any role involved in managing projects – from project administrators to co-managers. But note that you can only assign one recipient role for each notification you set up. If you want to send the notice to multiple roles, you’ll need to set up multiple notifications.

Refer to Setting up automated notifications for more information on configuring these notifications. They’re available in the new product suite.

Improved password reset usability

We know how frustrating it can be when you can’t log into an account you need to access. So, we’re working hard to make it easier to troubleshoot issues like lost Replicon user names and passwords.

Here are some improvements we’ve made:

  • You can now easily retrieve a lost user name, providing you have a valid company name and email address
  • We now provide more feedback when resetting a password or retrieving a user name

    For example, we’ll now always send you an email with more information about the status of your request – say, if we can’t find the account that matches the email address submitted or if you’re a single sign-on (SSO) user who can’t ever access Replicon from the login page.


  • We’ve added a default pay rule for Bermuda

Fixed issues

  • Using the In/Out Times configurable timesheet format, if you delete an Out time, the corresponding In time is automatically deleted, too
  • If a project administrator adds a new user to a project, and assigns them the user billing rate, the rate may display as $0, instead of with the correct value and currency assigned in the user’s profile

Click here for a summary of new features added to Replicon in the past six months.
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