Release notes Jul 31 - Aug 6 2017

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This week, we updated Replicon Mobile for iOS and Android. And, we released a couple of new features:

  • Multi-client ‘user’s choice’ projects
  • Timesheet-level custom fields for configurable timesheets
We also started rolling out a new task search option in configurable timesheets, and added support for Portuguese.

Update to Mobile for Android

Replicon Mobile for Android is now available in the Play store. It includes the following improvement:

App shortcuts

For those using Android 7.1, we’ve added app shortcuts that allow you to go directly to your common tasks, without having to navigate through the app.

Once you’ve logged in to the app, you can tap and hold the Replicon app icon to see up to four shortcut options, based on what Replicon features you have access to.

And we also fixed someissues, including this one:

  • If you go to Team Time, navigate to the previous week, select a user, and then tap back, the current time period will display, but will show the previous period’s gross pay total

Update to Mobile for iOS

Replicon Mobile for iOS is now available in the Apple app store. It includes the following bug fix:

  • If a supervisor views a timesheet that is pending approval, all days display as having zero hours. But, if they view a day from the timesheet, the hours display correctly.

Multi-client ‘user’s choice’ projects

You can now set up multi-client projects that allow the user to select which client to bill time to when they record their time. This type of project is referred to as a ‘user’s choice’ project, or sometimes as a ‘bucket’ project.

This feature can be used for:

  • Client billing, particularly in companies that perform the same set of tasks for many clients
  • Internal costing, if you want to record exactly how much work a cost center performed for each department
  • Joint ventures, where the cost split isn’t known ahead of time
These sorts of projects operate in contrast to cost and billing allocation projects, where costs and billing are split among clients based on a pre-defined allocation percentages you assign to each.

This feature is available in Professional Services Automation and TimeBill Plus. Note that selection of bucket clients is not supported in Replicon Mobile or CloudClock, nor is it supported when billing expenses to clients.

Refer to Letting users choose which client is billed for a multi-client project for more information on using this feature.

Timesheet custom fields

It's been possible to include row or cell-level custom fields in configurable timesheets for a while now, to capture data related to information entered in a row or cell. Now, you have the additional option of adding custom fields where users can record information that applies to the entire timesheet.

To add a timesheet-level custom field, you’ll add the new Timesheet Fields component to the user’s timesheet template, then add or select the applicable custom field.

Then, users assigned that template will see the custom field on their timesheets.

This feature is available in timesheet products in new product suite.

Search All task selector

We’ve started rolling out a new task selector on the configurable timesheet that allows you search clients (or programs), projects, and tasks all at once, rather than having to filter by each sequentially.

This can make task selection faster and easier, especially if you don't have a lot of tasks.

Note that this is an optional feature, and that the Search By Category functionality is still available. For example, you might find it's easier to filter by client or project if you have a large number of tasks in your system.

Note that this feature is not supported when selecting tasks to punch against.

We’ll be rolling this feature out over the next month. This feature is available in the Time Distribution Grid and In/Out Times + Allocation timesheet components in new product suite.


  • Replicon now supports Portuguese

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