Release notes Jul 17 - Jul 23 2017

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This week, we updated Replicon Mobile for Android, added support for Polish, fixed a few issues, and added the following:

  • Mass edit basic project information
  • Mandatory comments validation
  • New international pay rules
  • No User available when mass editing schedules
  • Highlighting of scheduled days off
  • Skill filter for Schedule Managers
  • Changes to the Scheduled Hours timesheet population method

Update to Mobile for Android

Replicon Mobile for Android is now available in the Play store. It includes bug fixes, including the following:

  • If you have a default activity specified, when you clock in the default activity displays, but immediately changes to the last worked activity.

Mass edit basic project information

We’ve released the mass edit feature for basic project information that we previewed on June 13. This functionality allows you to edit the Project Info fields, plus the project status, for multiple projects at once. You can mass edit projects by selecting the check box beside each project’s name, and then clicking the Mass Edit > Project Information button at the top of the page.

Mandatory comments validation

We’ve added a Mandatory Comments validation rule for configurable timesheets. You can use this rule to require users to enter comments when submitting their timesheets. You can customize the rule by specifying a minimum number of characters that must display in comments, additional messaging that displays, and whether invalid timesheets show a warning or an error (the latter typically blocks timesheet submission).

New international pay rules

We released pay rules based on the labor laws of the following countries:

No User available when mass editing schedules

When creating schedules, you can use the No User option to set up shifts for the week before assigning them to users. Now, this option is available for use with all options available under the More button.

That is, you can include No User when you copy or paste, or mass add, update, or delete assignments.

Highlighting of scheduled days off

We’ve launched the change to how days off are highlighted in configurable timesheets that we previewed on July 6. Now, days off shown are based on the employee’s assigned office or shift schedule. Previously, Saturday and Sunday column were shaded by default, even if those weren’t the employee’s days off.

Changes to the Scheduled Hours timesheet population method

We’ve made the changes to our Scheduled Hours timesheet population method that we previewed a few weeks ago. Now, this method:

  • Won’t populate hours on days with full-day time off bookings, including holiday bookings; but it will populate hours on days with partial-day bookings so the total hours matches the scheduled number
  • Will no longer populate hours on timesheet components that are used for allocating hours usually entered via some other method (such as the Time Distribution Grid component on punch timesheets)
We’ve also added a new parameter to the method that will let you choose whether or not existing entries – including 0 entries – will be overwritten.


  • Replicon now supports Polish

Fixed issues

  • Users may be able to log in to Replicon even though their password has expired
  • The Client and Project header rows are only half-visible when you print a configurable timesheet
  • The Supervisor: Team timesheets are overdue and Employee: Timesheets are overdue notifications are enabled may be sent before they are scheduled to be sent
  • In the Timesheet In/Out report, if custom fields are included in number-type custom column for which the sum option is selected, values for that custom column won’t sum


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