Release notes Jan 29 - Feb 4 2018

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This week, we added a time off rule that limits accruals and a timesheet rule that limits addition of overtime. Plus, we fixed a couple of issues.

New time off limitation rule: Cap Accruals for the Year

If you live in a state where employers are allowed to cap accrual of sick days, we have a new option you might find helpful. Our new Cap Accruals for the Year limitation rule prevents users from accruing more than an amount you specify for a time off type – for example, 48 hours of sick time.

You can choose the start date for the year; it can be the calendar year, a fiscal year, or be based on the user's anniversary.

This rule is similar to the new validation rule we added last week, except this rule limits accruals, while that rule limited the amount of time users can book off, while still allowing accruals to continue. Both rules would commonly only be used when time off accruals are based on hours worked or paid (e.g. worker accrues 1 hour of sick time per 30 hours worked).

This new rule is available in new time off.

New timesheet validation rule: Yearly Overtime Hours

If you need to cap the number of overtime hours an employee can accumulate, try our new Yearly Overtime Hours timesheet validation rule.

To use this rule, you define the maximum number of overtime hours employees can earn and the pay codes that qualify as ‘overtime’. Then, assign the rule in users’ timesheet templates.

After that, if a user enter overtime that exceeds their limit for the calendar year, a validation message will display in their timesheet. And, depending on how you’ve set up workflow conditions in the template, they could also be prevented from submitting timesheets that include excess overtime.

This rule works with configurable timesheets in the new product suite.

Fixed issues

  • If an error occurs when creating a pay run on the Payroll Workbench, the loading spinner may spin indefinitely rather than showing an error message or allowing new filters to be selected


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