Release notes Jan 23 - Jan 29 2017

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This week we updated Replicon Mobile for Android. Also, if you’re a CloudClock user, please note the upcoming changes to CloudClock described below.

Update to Mobile for Android

Replicon Mobile for Android is now available in the Play store. It includes a fix to the following issue:

  • Supervisors without Time Punches permission can’t approve timesheets accessed via the Team Time section of the app

Upcoming changes for CloudClock

Improvements to QR code management
In an upcoming release, we’ll be improving how QR codes for CloudClock users are managed. You’ll be able to:

  • Download and print codes that are currently assigned to users without having to assign new codes
  • Remove QR codes that are assigned to users so you can assign new ones
  • See what QR code is currently assigned to each user and when it was generated
  • View and export QR code details using reports

Context-appropriate punch buttons
In an upcoming release, punch buttons in the CloudClock will become context-appropriate; that is, buttons that can’t be used in a given scenario will be hidden for that scenario. For example, if you’re punched out, only the Clock In button will display, since that’s the only type of punch you can make when you’re punched out.

Punch to projects for CloudClock
We’ll soon be applying our punch against projects functionality to CloudClocks. Users will be able to select a project or task to record their time against when they create a new punch.

If you’d like to preview any of these upcoming features, please reply to this post and we’ll contact you directly to set up beta access. Refer to Punching in and out using CloudClock (beta interface) for information on using the new interface.

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