Release notes Jan 22 - Jan 28 2018

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This week, we launched time off conditional approvals, a new time off validation rule, face detection in CloudClock, and a change to FTP support for the Payroll Workbench. Plus, we fixed a couple of issues.

Time off conditional approvals

We've released the final type of conditional approval rule, of the three types we previewed on Nov 8 – time off conditional approvals.

We’re offering one default rule – Supervisor approves if over a specific duration. With this rule:

  • You can redirect shorter bookings away from approvers, and have them system approved instead
  • You get to choose the threshold that applies. For example, you could specify that any booking less than or equal to one day is system approved.
  • You’ll need to enter the time off types the rule applies to; if you leave the Time Off Type(s) field blank, all bookings will require manual approval
  • You can also require that bookings that will overdraw the user’s balance must always be manually approved, regardless of their duration

Note that:

  • Conditional rules are applied to approval paths
  • You must have Time Off Conditional Approver Rules administrator permission enabled before this rule will be available in your instance
  • Time off expense approval rules are available to customers using TimeOff Plus
Please refer to Setting up conditional approval rules for more information.

And remember, we now have the capacity to easily create custom a wide variety of approval rules to meet your requirements. Please contact Replicon Support if you’d like more information.

Face Detection in CloudClock

CloudClock users, the facial recognition feature that we previewed on Dec 7 is available. This feature can now be enabled by early adopters, so we can gather and apply their feedback.

To enable this option, you’ll need to re-provision your CloudClocks, choosing the Face ID option. Refer to the Installing and launching the CloudClock app section of Setting up CloudClock for more details.

Face detection provides a fast and easy way for users to log in to the clock without having to remember an ID card or password. Users will always have an option of using a second login method – QR card or user ID.

Note that this feature is only available when your clock is in online mode.

Validation rule to limit amount of time taken each year

We’ve added a time off validation rule that lets you easily limit annual sick time to a value you specify. This rule is most useful in states that allow employers to limit how much sick time employees can take in a year. It would most commonly be used when time off accruals are based on hours worked or paid (e.g. worker accrues 1 hour of sick time per 30 hours worked).

For example, with this rule you could specify that employees can’t take more 48 sick hours in a year. The ‘year’ can be the calendar year, your fiscal year, or based on the employee’s anniversary – you can choose.

Employees assigned this rule can still accrue more than this set amount, they just won’t be able to book additional time off. Any remaining accrued amounts can be carried over to the next year.

This rule is available in new time off.


  • If you intend to upload Payroll Workbench exports to an FTP site, note that we now only support FTPS. To heighten security, unsecure basic FTP is not longer supported.

Issues Fixed

  • The Search All task search in timesheets doesn’t return names beyond task level 2, which makes distinguishing between certain tasks impossible
  • If you have an expiry policy in effect that is replaced by a new policy and that new policy resets the time off balance, the new balance may expire according to the original policy’s rule


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