Release notes Jan 16 - Jan 22 2017

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This week, we updated both of our mobile apps -- we’ve added the ability to enter custom data when making punches from the app, plus fixed several app issues. In the web app, we added a new pay rule, made two small improvements, and fixed a couple of issues.

Update to Mobile for iOS and Android

We updated both versions of Replicon Mobile in the past week. The latest versions are iOS, available in the Apple app store, and Android, now available in the Play store. They include a new feature, plus some bug fixes. The feature and the key fixes are described below.

Custom fields for collecting punch data

Users can now enter data in custom fields when creating punches using Replicon Mobile. You can use these fields to collect, for example, productivity data based on the number of widgets produced in a shift, or total cash tips earned.

Administrators set up custom fields in users’ punch entry policies, choosing the type of field and when it displays to the user.

This feature is now available in both the iOS and Android versions of Replicon Mobile.

Fixed in both versions:

  • If you attempt to select a task to enter expenses against, no parent tasks display to differentiate tasks with the same name
  • If a project is marked as non-billable for expenses, users can still select a client when entering expenses for that client
Fixed in iOS:

  • Supervisors with no punch access are not able to approve timesheets
  • The app will intermittently record duplicate punches due to an issue involving rounding rules
  • In a rare case, the app crashes if you tap on clients or projects
  • In some cases, on the Forgot Password screen, nothing happens if you click Reset Password
Fixed in Android:

  • If you enter an incorrect user name when logging in to Replicon via single sign-on (SSO), and then you correct it, you’re still prompted for a password and can’t log in
  • If you save data in the daily widget, then allocate hours and save, when you next view the timesheet the allocated hours may not be saved

China Working Hours pay rule

A China Working Hours pay rule is now available in the default data. This rule pays 1.5x for overtime hours, 2x for work performed on a rest day, and 3x for hours worked on a legal holiday.

To allow you to use this rule, a triple time (TT) pay code has been added to the default data for pay rule users to whom this code wasn't already available.


  • Previously, in the Timesheet Correction report template, the Project Billing Rate column showed the rate in effect as of the timesheet start date. Now, it will use the rate effective on the time entry date in question.
  • A Department filter is now available on the Administration > Target Billable Hours page

Fixed issues

  • In a rare case, time entries for a project show in reports, but don’t display in the user’s timesheet
  • In a rare scenario, users cannot submit timesheets due to a validation issue involving entry of comments
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Posted 4 years ago

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Henry Ngai

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Where is the promised project/task mass update feature !?!?

Comment from Replicon 5 months ago by Replicon's Chanakya Damarla :-

The PM team at Replicon has prioritized this feature and it is targeted for completion in January 2017. As we release features incrementally, you should see some progress on this feature in Q4 of 2016.  

It's over 2 years since this question was first put to Replicon.

This message can be found inside the Mass Projects / Tasks Updates thread which lasted for 2 year already filled with empty promises !!

Didn't see any words about the follow up of this.... we are so disappointed 
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Hi Henry,

Chanu will be posting an update on the original thread in the next few days.