Release notes Feb 19 - 25 2018

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This week, we updated Replicon Mobile for Android, added the ability to attach items to time off bookings, and fixed a couple of issues.

Update to Mobile for Android

Replicon Mobile for Android is now available in the Play store. It includes bug fixes.

Time off file attachments and new custom fields

Wouldn’t it be handy if you could attach a document when booking time off? Say, a sick note when submitting sick time, or a jury duty notice when booking off time for jury duty. It would save all the hassle of independently tracking the note via email or hard copy.

Well now you can do this in Replicon! We’ve just launched new time off custom fields that support file attachments, along with number, text, or drop-down input. These custom fields are applied per time off type, and not to all types by default, like our older custom fields.

To get started, check that you have Object Extension Fields administrator permission. Then, open the time off type – say, Sick time – select Add Field, and click Create Field Definition.

Then, choose the File / Web Address (URL) option in the dialog that displays.

Then you’ll get to choose how employees can attach an item – either by uploading a file, entering a URL, or you can let the user choose from those two options.

Once you save the time off type, that field will appear whenever an employee chooses Sick time in a booking; it won’t appear for any other type of time off.

Note that our older time off custom fields are still available, but they don’t offer the file attachment option.

This new functionality is now available in new time off. Refer to Setting up time off types for more information.

Improvements to keyboard navigation on In/Out Times + Allocation timesheet

We’ve released the keyboard navigation improvements for the In/Out Times + Allocation configurable timesheet that we previewed on January 24. The primary change is that cursor focus is on the In Time field when you add a new row. Plus, the cursor now moves to the next field when you click Tab.


  • We now support the Kazakh language

Fixed issues

  • If a user is assigned both Supervisor and User permissions, the user can reopen their own timesheet via the My Replicon > Timesheet tab, even if permission to reopen timesheets is not assigned in their timesheet template
  • When using an In/Out Times + Allocation timesheet, if you use your keyboard’s Tab and Enter keys to record in and out times that cross midnight, the total time may display as one second less than if you used a mouse to navigate and enter times

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Posted 2 years ago

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Quick Question re  Time off file attachments and new custom fields
We use  SuperChoiceg31 - Replicon PSM & TimeOff , I cannot see this on my Replicon. 

I look at the Release each week, sometimes I found something that I think we be for our Company only to I cannot use or see the Update. 

This is very annoying going forward when you send out Release you let Customers know what Product these changed effect & explain how to the changed if you can see them?


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Paula Tannahill, Technical Writer

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Hi Rose,

Thanks for your feedback, and I can understand your frustration. The file attachments feature is available in 'new time off', which is our new time off interface. We're slowly rolling 'new time off' out to all time off customers; it should be enabled for everyone within the next few quarters.