Release notes Apr 30 - May 6 2018

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This week, we updated Replicon CloudClock and Replicon Mobile for iOS, added the ability to sort rows in configurable timesheets, and allowed users to display time punches in each employee's time zone. Plus, we made a few improvements and fixed a few issues.

Update to CloudClock for iOS

Replicon CloudClock for iOS is now available in the App store. It includes bug fixes and app stability improvements.

Update to Mobile for iOS

Replicon Mobile for iOS is now available in the App store. It includes bug fixes and this improvement:

  • We’ve added the ability to overwrite a configurable timesheet with time entries from the previous timesheet period

Sort timesheet rows in configurable timesheets

You can now sort timesheet rows by project, task, client, billing rate, activity, or custom field in timesheets that use the Time Distribution Grid format. Just click the grid header to see the sort options available for each 

Why might users need to sort timesheet rows?

  • Sorting can make it easier for employees to find projects, tasks, or activities they need to add additional hours to.
  • Plus, it can help approvers group data that pertains to a single project or client that is scattered in multiple rows across the timesheet.

Display punch times using each employee’s time zone

Previously in Replicon, time punches were always shown in the logged in user’s time zone. So, a supervisor, office manager, or payroll manager in California would see punches from an employee located in New York in Pacific time.

We found approvers were sometimes confused by this:

  • They didn’t know what time zone was being used
  • They had a hard time comparing punch times to the user’s schedule
  • They would have to convert hours to their own time zone when adding missing punches on behalf of employees
To address these issues, we’ve added a new Display Punches In field to the user Settings page, which is accessed by clicking the cog icon in the top, right-hand corner of the application. From this field, you can choose Employee’s Time Zone., and each punch will display using the punch owner's time zone.

You can set a default setting for this field for new users on the AdministrationEmployees and Organization > User Settings page.

Note that if you select Employee’s Time Zone option, you'll probably want to set the existing Time Zone Format field to show time zones.


  • We’ve added a new Prevent 0 hour bookings time off validation rule that prevents users from submitting 0-hour partial-day bookings
  • We’ve added parameters for defining pay code names to the following Canadian default pay rules: Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec

Fixed issues

  • In new time off, if a user enters 0 hours in a time off booking, it’s booked as a full day off
  • The copy previous timesheet population rules don’t support timesheet periods of less than a week
  • If you’re using an In/Out Times + Allocation configurable timesheet with data entered, but no time, and you reload the timesheet, or you populate the following timesheet using the Previous Timesheet Excluding Time Data option, the timesheet’s rows may become reordered
  • If you’re using a product that doesn’t support payroll features and you’re assigned the The supervisor approves if above 40 hours or The supervisor approves if Overtime Hours conditional approval rules, if you attempt to submit a timesheet, an error occurs. (Now, an error no longer occurs, but since these rules require payroll data, timesheets will be automatically approved in all cases for users not assigned pay rules.)

Click here for a summary of new features added to Replicon in the past six months.
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